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Main Examination will consist of a written examination and an interview test.



Written Examination - The Written examination will consist of seven papers of conventional essay type questions as given below: -


(a) Compulsory Papers



Paper I General Studies 3 hrs. 300 Marks
Paper II General Studies 3 hrs. 300 Marks
Paper III General Hindi 3 hrs. 300 Marks

(b) Optional Papers

Paper IV

Any two subjects are to be selected (from the list of optional subjects set out in Para 7) each subject will have                               two papers.


3 hrs. 300 Marks for each paper


Paper V
Paper VI
Paper VII


Interview Test - The interview test will carry 250 marks.

Candidates are required to obtain at least 33% marks in each subject. In the case of candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Class, these minimum qualifying marks would be  23%.

7. List of Optional Papers for Main Examination:                          Download Syllabus
Code No.


  Code No.


01 Agriculture   16 Geology
02 Animal Husbandary and Veterinary Science   17 Political Science and International  Relations
03 Zoology   18 Public Administration
04 Botany   19 Sociology
05 Chemistry   20 Criminology and Forensic Science
06 Physics   21 Psychology
07 Mathematics   22 Philosophy
08 Statistics   23 Law
09 Civil Engineering   24 Hindi literature
10 Electrical Engineering   25 English literature
11 Mechanical Engineering   26 Sanskrit literature
12 Commerce & Accountancy   27 Urdu literature
13 Economics   28 Anthropology
14 History   29 Military Science
15 Geography      

Candidates will not be allowed to offer the following combination of subjects :-



Political Science and International Relations and Public Administration.


Anthropology and Sociology.



Mathematics and Statistics.



Agriculture and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.



Of the engineering subjects, Viz. Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering not more than one subject.



Of the literatures of Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Urdu Languages not more than one subject.



Each paper will be of three hours duration.



The question papers for the examination will be of conventional essay type.

  (3) (a)

Question papers other than language papers will be both in Hindi and English. Question papers of engineering subjects will be only in English.


The candidates will have the option to answer the question papers in Hindi or English except in the case of language papers.



Question No. 1 of each paper (Consisting 20 short answer questions each one is to be answered in one or two lines) will be Compulsory. Each question will carry 3 marks, maximum portion of the syllabi will be covered under these questions.



The details of the syllabi for both compulsory and optional subjects of main  examination as specified  in Appendix-III